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Valet5 Carpet Dry Cleaning valet5 tecnician are the stain removal specialists.

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In 1982 i cleaned my first house, these people are still my customers today - Pardeep Kumar

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As the first Australian developed and owned carpet dry-cleaning system, the owners of Valet 5 have been thrilling home owner’s by revitalizing the natural beauty of their upholstery, drapes and carpets, for over 35 years.

The vision for Valet 5 is to continue developing products and processes that exceed customer expectation and provide the very best value for money.

With state-of-the-art equipment and methods, the Valet 5 carpet dry-cleaning team are proud to guarantee that if they are not able to remove a stain then no-one else can without damaging surface fibre upholding their reputation as quality “stain removal specialists”. Valet 5 is fully insured, locally owned and operated

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The Valet5 powerhead unit is designed to extract 80% more dust than a normal vacuum clean leaving your living environment cleaner and healthier. Order now

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The Valet5 carpet spotter is a spray n wipe solution and that is specifically created to remove the maximum range of oil and water based stains. The spotter is an essential item for every busy household.

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The Valet5 carpet rake is used for grooming shaggy rugs and for keeping carpets full and fibers upright. Regularly raking carpet and rug surfaces mean longevity of carpets fibres and overall surface as well as enabling dirt to be easily extracted. Order now

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The Valet5 Urine odour and stain remover is a specifically designed product with Bio-enzymes which neutralizes and removes pet urine odours and stains. No rinsing or washing required with a short dry time and a fresh subtle fragrance remains. If you are toilet training pets or have pets who spend time inside then you can’t go past this product to effortlessly take care of any accidents Order now

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