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Valet5 Carpet Dry Cleaning valet5 tecnician are the stain removal specialists.

Experts in Steam Cleaning Upholstery

If you are planning to clean your delicate upholstery, fabric furniture, or sanitize a mattress, steam cleaning is the answer. Our experts at Valet 5 have the perfect knowledge about the fabric and have developed such cleaning system which treats your upholstery fabric delicately, thus protecting the texture and color. Our Steam cleaning is not only good to remove embedded stains, dead skin cells, dirt and grease, but also effectively sanitizes and removes allergens, and kills bacteria, bedbugs, mold, viruses, dust mites and pathogens.

Our team of expert, certified and caring cleaners can help you in getting back the elegance and spotless shine of your upholstery and fabric furniture. This will add to the classy look and ambiance of the place whether it is an office or a home. Valet 5 provides superb Upholstery Steam Cleaning in Melbourne. Have we mentioned that steam cleaning is also perfect in getting riddance from unpleasant odor caused by many microbes and bacteria accumulated on the fabric of furniture?

How we Steam Clean?

  • We vacuum the upholstery first to remove all the dirt, pet hairs, trash and dust
  • Then we proceed to pre-treating the stains with high quality cleaner sprays
  • Pre-conditioning is the next step which is done by using emulsifiers
  • Removing hard and lingering stains by using special techniques which are tested and prevent damage to the fabric
  • Steam cleaning and drying the furniture are done at the end

Our cleaning methods are world class and quality is guaranteed.

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